Static analysis results

In IBM® Rational® products, an architectural discovery analysis result identifies a pattern or an antipattern. A code review analysis result is a concise explanation of a rule violation. In either case, the result is a line item in the Analysis Results view that shows that the resource matches, or does not comply with the rules that you applied.

As an analysis configuration runs, the Analysis Results view populates a tree of results that are grouped by the rule categories and severity levels that you defined when you set up the analysis configuration. The top-level node of the tree displays details about the analysis, such as the name of the analysis configuration, the date and time that the analysis completed, and the number of results generated. When you expand the tree, each rule category and rule displays the number of results generated and lists the resources that are associated with the rule.

If you are working with the Code Review for Java™ domain, a result is not necessarily a problem, mistake, or bug, but you should evaluate each result in the list to determine what action, if any, you should take. If the result is a problem that has a trivial solution, the author of the rule might have provided a quick fix that corrects the resource automatically. If a quick fix is available for a particular result, you can select it using the pop-up menu.

If you are working with the Architectural Discovery for Java domain, a result indicates that the analysis found a pattern or antipattern that matches the pattern rules that you selected in the analysis configuration.

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